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What is Konfidis?

The ONLY tool you need to find and analyze your next investment property.

Our platform leverages analytics to quickly deliver the expected returns a property will provide so that Konfidis users can outperform the market.



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Who's using Konfidis?

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Residential Investors

New and experienced investors can quickly understand and analyze any city's average investment performance. Save time selecting the optimal location and hours building spreadsheets.

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Deepen the relationship with your client to proactively put properties that meet their investment appetite in front of them. Become that trusted partner which will result in more volume.

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Real Estate

Get more properties in front of the clients that you know are actively investing while supporting those first-time investors. Build that on-going relationship to drive even more real estate transactions.

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Search a city or neighbourhood

Type in any city or neighbourhood of interest and get immediate investment opportunities.

  • Get historical and expected returns

  • Use the heat map to quickly identify high potential areas

  • See how many properties fit your investment appetite

Find your property

Use interactive filters to narrow down your search for that perfect investment property.

  • Only review properties that meet your preferences

  • Sort and filter based on cap rates, gross yields, building permits, appreciation, and others.

  • Quickly review comparable sold and rental data

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Review your investment

Complete a detailed financial review of the property.

  • No need for painful spreadsheets

  • Breakdown of all investment, revenue and expense assumptions

  • Easy to use sliders for quick adjustments

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Trusted Data Analysis

Konfidis gets its listings information from reliable sources and uses our algorithms to make our projections.

  • All listing data sourced by MLS

  • Government of Canada, Province of Ontario and City of Toronto data used for permit, land parcel boundaries and other key data points

  • Reliable data helps us provide accurate information for your investment

Konfidis Partners

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 What people are saying about Konfidis?

“I knew I wanted to add an investment property to my portfolio but had no idea where to get started. Konfidis allowed me to easily search different cities and with the financial worksheet gave me confidence that I made the right decision.”

“Konfidis uses groundbreaking technology to quickly find investment properties and allows us to make smart real-time decisions. It's become a key tool for our executive team.”

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“Konfidis has changed the way I interact with my clients and truly deepened my relationships. I've gone from touching base every 5 years to be an active partner in their investment journey.”

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Let’s find your next investment property!