Mortgage Brokers

Proactively drive deeper client engagement with your residential investor clients.

Konfidis becomes the catalyst for improved relationships and drive higher deal flow.


Deepen client relationships

Shift your approach while becoming an integral part of their investment strategy.

  • Invite all exiting clients and new prospects using Konfidis' investment analysis survey - preferences, budget, etc.

  • Input custom mortgage rates for all clients.

  • View all client activity - usage and viewing history.

Personalize and share listings

Personalize the entire experience for your clients.

  • Upload corporate logo, headshots, and contact information

  • Create a custom landing page

  • Personal marketing on every listing


Single source for your clients

Leverage the Konfidis platform as the single source to drive investment ideas for your residential investor clients. 

  • Upload clients to the Konfidis platform for easy listing sharing and free usage

  • Manage client lists across geographies, risk profiles and more to easily drive engagement

  • Through the Professional plan take advantage of your dedicated Onboarding and Campaign Manager to effectively run campaigns for you

Close the transaction​​

Whether providing deal flow back to your real estate agent referrals or leveraging a certified Konfidis agent we've got solutions to ensure the transaction gets closed.

  • Provide peace of mind to ensure the deal gets closed

  • Leverage a Konfidis agent to unlock additional value for your client

  • Optionally co-brand your listings with Konfidis Certified Agents


KONFIDIS Certified™️ Sales Representatives are local experts, trained to treat your investment like it was their own. We're here with you every step of the way.

Let’s get started!